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Rephocus | Steven Mole

Welcome to my site!

I'm Steven, a creative photographer and retoucher hailing from the north-east of England, specialising in making a connection with my subject, making them feel comfortable and making sure they have fun. It's important for me that my subjects are relaxed, at ease and having fun - this equals confidence, and confidence equals great photos.

To meet that goal, I favour shooting in informal, outdoor locations, and I have a practiced repertoire of more than twelve excellent jokes - then all I have to do is point the camera and capture you, being you. I have over six years' experience in photography, and many more in rapport-building, so I'm fairly confident we can put the two together and come away with some images you'll love.

I'm not a member of any professional photography organisations, have no formal education in photography, I don't hold any awards and I'm not going to go into name-dropping overdrive with who I've worked with; I'm not interested in impressing other photographers, all that is important to me is my clients' happiness, and creating great images.

When not taking, editing, looking at, clicking "Like" on, or otherwise involved with photos, I can be found enjoying good coffee, reading comics, drawing, or swearing at the football.


We'll work together before the shoot, to develop ideas that you'll love, so you have an idea of what you're going to get before a shutter is clicked


Your relaxation, confidence and enjoyment of the shoot is my main concern


It's important to me that retouching work emphasises clients' character rather than hides it, and I base my style around that


All of the work up to this point is aimed at ensuring your satisfaction - if you're happy, then I'm happy

When I shoot...

I use photography to communicate the character and individuality of people and places.

I want to take the best picture of you that you've ever seen - it's all about you, and allowing you to see yourself like I see you through my viewfinder


Want to work together?

Like my work?

Want to shoot with me?

Then I'd love to hear from you.

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